Importing Goods - Tax Exemption

Here you will find information about whether and how you can be granted a tax exemption when importing goods to the Netherlands. You will not usually be required to pay import duties if you import goods when moving to the Netherlands or will be studying at an educational institute in the Netherlands.

You are also permitted to import tax-exempted goods (and gifts) that you have received in connection with an inheritance from abroad or which you are having taken to the Netherlands in connection with your marriage (or intended marriage) in the Netherlands.

Introduction to international relocation and Customs
You are generally permitted to import removal goods without being liable for import duties. This is however subject to certain conditions. There is also a difference between moving to the Netherlands from an EU country or a non-EU country. This page also explains what is meant be removal goods and personal goods.

You are moving to the Netherlands from an EU country
Are you moving to the Netherlands from another EU country? If so there is no need for you to declare your removal goods or personal goods to Customs. That is because there is freedom of movement for goods in the European Union (EU). But there are exceptions! Read more.

You are moving to the Netherlands from a non-EU country
Are you moving to the Netherlands from a non-EU country? If so you must make a Customs declaration. You will usually be permitted to import your removal goods or personal goods in the Netherlands without being required to pay tax. Read more.

You are moving from the Netherlands
Are you moving from the Netherlands to another country? If so you may need to complete Customs formalities. Those formalities are explained here. Are you moving to a non-EU country? If so, you will need to file an export declaration for your household effects with Customs. Read more.

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