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Erasmus MC

Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam is one of the 10 best medical institutes in Europe and is one of the 30 best research institutes worldwide.

Erasmus MC is committed to a healthy population and excellent care through research and education. As stated in 'Koers18' Erasmus MC aims to be recognized leader in innovations for health care in 2018.

Erasmus MC has achieved its current position by making choices in the broad field of medical research, and the dissemination of these choices through investment in people and facilities. This gives researchers the freedom to develop new lines of research, to facilitate cooperation and researchers are encouraged to look beyond national borders. This has made Erasmus MC increasingly attractive to top scientists and talented young researchers. Erasmus MC excels in different areas of research, the study of basic and clinical domains, as well as public health and prevention. Research of the Erasmus MC is at the heart of society, resulting in innovation, quality and increased efficiency in patient care. The general research aim of the Erasmus MC is to translate the discoveries to bedside applications.

The continuous implementation and extension of shared facilities such as the Erasmus Center for Biomics, the Erasmus Medical Biobank, the Experimental Medical Instrumentation and Applied Molecular Imaging Erasmus MC form a special incentive for scientific research. Erasmus MC will continue to invest in this type of scientific facilities and expand where necessary and possible.

Source Erasmus MC

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