Wageningen UR, Let's Connect and Feel Welcome

Congratulations! You will shortly arrive in the Netherlands as a (guest) researcher at one of the research programmes of Wageningen UR (University and Research centre).

Visa application, work permit, health insurance, etc.
One of our team of highly qualified advisors on Dutch immigration procedures has already been in contact with you to help you with the first steps of the visa application procedures, for yourself and, if applicable, for your family.

For extensive information regarding working in the Netherlands, we suggest you check the following websites www.newtoholland.nl or www.euraxess.nl. We also compiled an information brochure, Your Guide to the Netherlands and Wageningen UR, which goes into detail about the first steps to registration at Wageningen UR. Two more booklets will be sent to you after registration.

One of the most important factors that make moving to a new country a success is being able to find a house that you can call your home. We at Wageningen UR will do our utmost to find adequate housing for you. We would therefore like to advise you to let us know as soon as possible what your housing requirements are. Check private market housing opportunities here.

Schools for your children
For your children you will find an international school for primary and secondary education in nearby Arnhem, www.arnheminternationalschool.nl. Most primary and secondary school teachers, however, speak English and several schools in Wageningen have a ‘transition class’ or offer coaching and support for children of international staff.

The modern Dutch name for the language in the Netherlands is Nederlands. Most staff at Wageningen UR speaks English with their international co-workers. English can also be used in shop and stores.

Learning Dutch can make your stay more enjoyable. If you would like to learn Dutch for your work or social gatherings we offer courses Dutch as a Second Language.

Introduction to Wageningen
Feeling at home has everything to do with being well-informed. Wageningen UR's International Community page contains a lot of practical information for internationals coming to Wageningen. We organise workshops on living in the Netherlands and Dutch culture and introduction meetings for new staff.

Buddy System and Partner Programme
Knowing where to go and what to do is essential for settling in a new country. At your request a buddy can help you find your way around in Wageningen in a quick and sympathetic way. For partners of international staff and students and their children a Partner Programme is being organised with a variety of interesting activities.

More information
More in depth information can be found on our page for international workers and students.

You can also contact the HR department of the section where you want to work. The contact information of the responsible HR Advisor is mentioned in the vacancy text.

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