Platform 31

Good living, jobs and quality of life. A breeding ground for research and experiments, a stage for new sounds and an inspiring network of thinkers and doers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

That is Platform31, the knowledge organization for the city and the regions. Good living, jobs and quality of life, that is what we represent.

The world is changing, and with it Dutch cities and regions are changing as well. Municipalities, provinces, housing corporations, care and welfare, consultancies and other companies need to change accordingly to be able to respond to new issues. Platform31 offers an approach you will immediately be able to put into practice.

We can innovate only with the help of a diverse network of affiliated organizations and individuals. These leaders are the driving force behind the knowledge Platform31 is developing. Our partners and members contribute to our activities. In return, they benefit from our developed knowledge and the network.

Platform31 is involved in several European activities. As a knowledge and dissemination partner in projects from the European Commission (FP7 and Horizon2020) and Interreg IVC, Platform31 is working on topics such as Smart Cities and the Civic Economy.

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