HiiL Innovating Justice

HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) is a social enterprise devoted to user-friendly justice. That means justice that is easy to access, easy to understand, and effective.

We will ensure that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems. We do this by stimulating innovation and scaling what works best. We are friendly rebels focused on concrete improvements in the lives of people. Data and evidence is central in all that we do. HiiL is an equal opportunity, international employer. We are based in The Hague, City of Peace and Justice.

What we do:

  • Measuring Justice
  • Supporting Justice Innovations
  • Transforming Justice
  • Researching Solutions

HiiL employs law and business professionals from all over the world. Currently, we are 20+ employees and a mix of 20 different nationalities. We are an equal opportunity and an international employer. We are interested in talents with an international mindset from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to strengthen our working team.

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